499 law school students admitted after stakeholder meeting

The GLC agreed to admit the 499 students after a meeting with all stakeholders

GLC denied admission to some 499 students in Ghana Law School

The aggrieved students sued the GLC and the Attorney General

Parliament had to step in at some point, calling on the GLC to admit the 499 law students

After several weeks of back and forth between the General Legal Council, GLC, and the 499 students who were denied admission to the Faculty of Law, a decision was finally made in favor of the latter.

The GLC has, after much pressure, decided to admit the 499 students, their lawyer said.

A report by citinenewsroom.com quoted the students’ lawyer as saying the decision was made after a crucial meeting between aggrieved law student leaders, the attorney general and representatives of the General Legal Council today, Wednesday, November 17 2021.

After a competitive process, the 499 law students were denied entry to law school, but they protested the existence of a new quota system initiated by the General Legal Council which made it impossible to admission of these students.

This, however, was not taken lightly by the students, who embarked on a series of measures to push for admission, including street demonstrations, petitions to Parliament and the Presidency, and legal proceedings.

After the trial and a resolution of Parliament, the Attorney General recommended that the GLC admit the students.

“Subject to certain terms as to when these students will start the course, the GLC subcommittee that we met this evening will come back and report on the content of these deliberations that we had,” explained Martin Kpebu, lawyer for the students. .

However, it should be noted that before this meeting, the lawsuit brought by the students against the GLC and the Attorney General was withdrawn.

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