A school in southeastern Japan to celebrate Keiro no Hi


NORWALK – Members who have reached their golden age of 80 and over will be rewarded with a free bento lunch, small gifts and entertainment from students at the Japanese School and Southeast Community Center and a Hawaiian dance class on Sunday November 10, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Keiro no Hi has its origins in Taka, a small town in Hyogo Prefecture, which declared “Old Folks’ Day” a local holiday on September 15, 1947. This concept gained popularity across the country, prompting the government to Japanese to add Keiro no Hi on the third Monday in September to his “Happy Monday System” in 1966.

On this day, bento boxes and small gifts are delivered to seniors, keiro kai shows are presented for free in public spaces, and the younger generations visit their parents, grandparents and other elderly citizens.

“We wish our Golden Age recipients the best of luck as we celebrate Keiro no Hi at Norwalk,” said event organizers. “We encourage them to share their life stories and memories with their family and friends to ensure that their story will be part of our history and not be lost or forgotten. We encourage you to do the same. “

The Southeast Japan School and Community Center is located at 14615 Gridley Rd. In Norwalk. To register or for more information, call (562) 863-5996 or email [email protected]

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