Adamawa pastor gets 10 years in prison for defrauding 40 admissions applicants

A 61-year-old pastor, Reverend Ajiboye Kadmiel was sentenced to 10 years in prison for defrauding 40 people totaling N5.9 million in Adamawa State.

Ajiboye was found guilty by Chief Magistrate Abdullahi Mohammed Digil of the Adamawa State Chief Magistrate Court I for collecting money from the 40 people with the promise of allowing them to be admitted to school.

Prosecutor Inspector Zakka Musa previously told court Ajiboye collected money from plaintiffs under the pretext of registering them at Passion College of Health and Remedial Science, Numan, but converted it for his personal use.

The prosecutor said Ajiboye collected money ranging from 150,000 naira to 200,000 naira in 2017 and 2018 from his victims with assurances to register them, but to no avail.

The future students affected are believed to be mostly indigenous to Adamawa state, while others are believed to be from neighboring Taraba.

The pastor from Imbru neighborhood in Numan local government area, state, pleaded guilty to the alleged offense, a plea that was corroborated by three witnesses.

After witness testimony, the defendant’s lawyer Danbaba Rigange begged the court to give his client another time to fundraise, but the court replied that he had had enough time but that he did not use it and the court was left with no choice but to close the case.

In rendering his judgment, Chief Magistrate Digil sentenced Ajiboye to 10 years in prison with an option of a fine of 200,000 naira and payment of 5.947 million naira to the plaintiffs as compensation.

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