Admission to school


“You are two years late. The office lady informed me.

“What? I’m talking about admission next year. I tried to clarify things.

“You are two years late. She repeated to make me understand.

My son was two years old and would need to be admitted to LKG next year.

Believing that the son will be the next Einstein, I had prepared a list of local schools in order of their degrees. Like all middle-class parents, public schools have been excluded. Brilliant son needed to shine above his peers.

It was my first visit to the first school on my list. My enthusiasm for the bright future of the child was interrupted by such a curt response from the lady at the office. I had just requested the registration form for admission, for next year. And I thought I was approaching school very early.

I felt so illiterate. I was about to step down when I realized I could at least help my next child.

“Oh ok, that’s my bad. Anyway, give me the registration form for the year, two years from now. I apologized for my lack of information on the admissions process for the most sought after school in town.

“Do you have a younger child?” She asked me.

“I don’t have one, but I’ll be planning soon. Please advise when the correct date and month would be to conceive so that the child is the correct age for admission. I was really curious.

She was not impressed. But it was his duty to answer all my questions.

“Next time, I don’t want to be late. I will submit the form as soon as the pregnancy test is positive. It was my brilliant idea to be the early bird.

“No sir, we need the name, gender and date of birth to be on the form.” She put a stop to my glow.

“No worries. I’ll take the form to the delivery room and get back to you from there only.” I couldn’t compromise my next child’s career.

“No sir, you will also need to attach a birth certificate. ”

Applying for a driver’s license was much easier.

And I have to convince my wife to conceive according to the schedule provided by the school.

“So I make all the documents available in the right year and the child gets admission?” The inference made sense to me.

“No sir. There will be an interview for the parents and there will be an interview for the child. She informed. I was hoping she was not on the interview panel, I could see that she was. had already rejected me.

“You don’t give parents admission, so why question them?” I was more stunned than ever.

“Sir, we have to see if the parents can afford school. Also, if they have the right education and can devote time to teaching the child. She explained.

“Why would we teach the child? Don’t we send the child to school for the same reason? I was confused now. Suddenly I had doubts about school.

“Sir, schools have a teacher for the whole class. If you want your child to shine, you have to get involved in teaching.

No one told my parents that. They depended solely on the education provided by the school. Now I understand why my education was not world class.

“And why interview the innocent child who doesn’t even know what he or she will be going through for so many years?” I felt bad for the child. Education is a mental trauma I have always felt.

“The kid must know ABC, must be able to identify colors, count to 10 and converse in English. She enlightened me again.

What? Maybe I’ll have to send the kid to another school, so I can clear the maintenance from that school.

I picked up the form and left school, questioning the veracity of the whole process.

The biggest challenge was to convince the woman of the timely conception for the sake of the child and not for my personal interests.



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