Admission to secondary school by lottery for all classes, according to Dipu Moni

| Update:
Dec. 20, 2021, 4:04 p.m.

A digital lottery will be held in all public and private high schools across the country for all grades to stop the “admissions battle” and lobbying, Education Minister Dipu Moni said.

“I want the system to get out of this kind of admissions war. I want students to come out of negative practices and go positive, ”she said.

The minister said this during the inauguration of the digital lottery at the National Academy of Educational Management (NAEM) in the capital on Sunday, UNB reports.

Dipu said, “Children face a lot of stress when they sit for admission tests. Unhealthy competition can be seen as the inclusion of illegal problems.”

She said, “What we were seeing in terms of admissions is the parent-child admissions battle,”

The minister also said that children who will be admitted to the first class are obliged to memorize anything beyond their abilities, and parents also memorize with them.

During this time, all of the deserving students with the highest marks study at one school. Quality education will be ensured if there are students of different merits together in each school, the minister added.

She said, “If students have to get higher marks after studying everything to get admitted, then how successful is the school? “

“We have received positive responses from most places since last year’s lottery as this system has created opportunities to establish equality,” she said.

Previously, a digital lottery was held on December 15 to select students for admission to public high schools.

Last year, a lottery was held in the metropolis. This time the lottery was held at the district level. In the future, all institutions will be subject to a lottery system for admission, the minister said.

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