Board honors school system staff for their contribution to students


Press Release, Charles County Public Schools

At its November 12 meeting, the Board of Education honored five Charles County Public School staff (CCPS) for their contributions to students and the school system. Honoré were Renard Barnes, Amanda Nadeau, Christina Trest, Sabryna Valen, and Bianca Watson.

Barnes is a teaching assistant in the Emotionally Adjusted (EA) program at FB Gwynn Educational Center. He works hard to build and sustain relationships with students and staff. Regardless of a student’s type of accomplishment, they celebrate their achievement with positive encouragement. He looks for ways to celebrate the smallest successes of his students. Barnes has worked at the Gwynn Center since 2012 and is the first member of staff to offer help to anyone in need. Prior to joining CCPS, Barnes served for 20 years in the US Air Force and retired as Master Sgt. He uses the experiences of his military career to support the students and staff of the Gwynn Center. Barnes is the bus coordinator and makes sure all students arrive and leave school safely every day. Gwynn manager Daphne Burns said Barnes is a great asset to staff and reminds everyone to be happy, even on tough days.

Nadeau is a second grade teacher at William A. Diggs Elementary School. She shows passion and dedication to her students and is sought after by colleagues who need educational advice. Nadeau has been teaching at Diggs for 14 years. For the past two school years, she has partnered with a school-level special education teacher to co-teach to meet the needs of students with special needs. Nadeau is the second year team leader and chair of the Formative Assessment Committee for Maryland Educators. She makes regular presentations at CCPS continuing education meetings and is a go-to resource for the DreamBox online math program. Nadeau uses different tools and teaching methods in the classroom to engage students and improve their learning. Diggs principal Debbie Calvert speaks of Nadeau as a seasoned teacher who shares her expertise with others.

Trest is the Learning Resource Teacher at General Smallwood Middle School and oversees both Gifted Programs and Testing. She is known among her colleagues as a valuable asset to Smallwood as she goes out of her way to help someone in need. She assists and defends all teachers, helps mentor new teachers and is a member of the school management team. Trest makes sure the testing program runs smoothly and meets with talented staff in language arts, science, and social studies to help plan the lesson. She is pursuing a certificate in administration and often presents professional development events and conferences at the county and state level. Trest is a member of the school leadership team and shares ideas and projects to support student success. Smallwood principal Brenda Tillotson said Trest is an example of someone who goes above and beyond to serve as an asset to students and teachers.

Valen is a teacher in the Secondary Academy of International Languages ​​(SAIL) program at Thomas Stone Secondary School. She works with students of all skill levels to learn English in areas such as reading, writing and speaking. In class, she exudes enthusiasm and maintains good relations with each of her students. Valen works hard to build relationships with students, as well as their families, to ensure they are supported both at school and at home. She also makes sure that all her students are part of the school community. Valen shows a genuine concern for the well-being of his students, who in turn enjoy the challenges in his class and strive to meet his expectations. Stone Principal Shanif Pearl said Valen is a qualified educator who is a highly valued member of the school staff.

Watson is a fifth grade teacher at JP Ryon Primary School. Watson has been teaching fifth grade at Ryon since 2016 and was previously a substitute at the school. Watson graduated from CCPS and was part of a high school mentorship program. She had originally planned to study engineering in college, but changed her major after developing a love for education as a mentor for children. Watson manages a rigorous learning environment that supports the cognitive, emotional and social development of all students. Her interactions with students are warm, caring and respectful. She also supports several school initiatives such as the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) program, the Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) program and the Ryon Runners group. Ryon principal Melinda Johnson said Watson is always ready and available to support students.

The Board of Directors honors each month the students and staff of CCPS selected by their school principal for recognition.

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