Britannika Language School – Prague, Czech Republic


Britannika opened in 2009 in the center of Prague. Since then, it has acquired a reputation as a popular school, thanks to an interesting teaching program, quality teachers, a textbook loan system, favorable prices and attractive offers for a loyal clientele. About 1,300 students take courses with us each year, from teenagers to retirees. Loyal customers are students who have taken courses since the school was founded.

At the moment, all classes are held online via Google Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

We teach seven languages ​​of the world. We offer general-oriented individual, corporate and group courses, conversation classes, corporate, specialist, exam preparation courses as well as intensive and weekend courses.

Study stays abroad are also new. These include popular destinations such as Malta, Italy and Spain.

In teaching, we use a unified methodological approach carefully combining the diverse and creative practice of oral (listening, reading, speaking) and writing skills of each student. Modern textbooks, audio and video aids are an integral part of language teaching in our school. From the first lesson, our lecturers will present you with a brief and elaborate outline of the whole lesson in accordance with the chosen language course. In addition to the art of understanding, speaking, reading and writing, you will get a lot of information about foreign language countries. Thanks to the fascinating video material from the BBC and National Geographic, you will also know the difference between British English and American English.

We will always be happy to welcome you in case of questions or changes to your course schedule. We just do our best to make each student feel natural, comfortable, and able to communicate openly.
We try to satisfy our students with great prices, an efficient teaching methodology and a teacher friendly approach.

Why choose a course in Britannika? What sets us apart:

Guarantee of small study groups (3-7 students), which allows individual access to each student. Everyone will talk!
Missed hours can be replaced in parallel courses during the same semester by prior arrangement.
Attractive course offers for our loyal customers
Lots of video / audio material and video / audio activities during lessons.
Any combination of all courses.
Intensive express courses.
We complete the teaching with language games, reading fiction, newspapers and magazines.
Regular tests of your progress.
Unique Oxford Press papers including iTools, National Geographic, BBC, Klett and Langenscheidt.

We accept payment via advantage points and vouchers such as Sodexo, Benefit Plus, Benefity as and Edenred.

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