Buy now and pay later | Get flexibility in your finances

Have you been in a situation where you have fallen short of a good offer or discovered that a long-awaited item has just come back in stock? You want to hit, but your finances are not enough at the moment. See for details

It can be difficult to know when you will need to spend a little extra money. You do not know when the offers will be offered and you do not know when a product is back in stock – until you are notified.

At the same time, there are many factors that can affect your personal finances. The unforeseen bills are some of the great scapegoats, and they like to arise when you least expect it.

Therefore, you can advantageously take out a loan and pay later

Therefore, you can advantageously take out a loan and pay later

Sometimes you may need to go to the dentist or buy a new washing machine because the old one is gone. It may also be that you suddenly want to go away for a weekend with your girlfriend.

All these things, of course, cost money, and so it may sometimes be necessary to take a small lay. The loan will give you the freedom to make a purchase now and pay later .

Of course, if you have a savings, you can withdraw it. However, if you do not have, you may risk getting less financial space in a given period. It can be uncomfortable as it can restrict you from living the way you want.

Get financial stability – year-round

Get financial stability - year-round

If you sit and dream about a little more air in your personal finances, you can safely sit back. You’ve come to the right place. At Loan and Credit we fully understand that sometimes you may need to change your consumption a bit.

Therefore, we give you the opportunity to buy now and pay later. We offer you extra flexibility in your personal finances and we deliver it with high professionalism. This way we ensure you a stable economy all year round.

We have you and your needs in focus – the Loan and Credit solution

We have you and your needs in focus - the Loan and Credit solution

At Loan and Credit, we offer annuity loans that focus on you and your needs. So you can make a purchase now and pay the money back later by using our solution. The application process is both quick, easy and clear.

With Loan and Credit you get:

  • Quick payout
  • A secure loan
  • Influence and flexibility
  • High professionalism
  • Air in your personal finances

Get started with Loan and Credit quickly

Get started with Loan and Credit quickly

To apply for a loan from Loan and Credit, simply:

  • Go to our front page
  • Set the loan calculator
  • Sign with your NemID.

From here we take over the process and you will receive a response to your application immediately. If you are approved, we will pay the money to your account immediately!

Your co-determination – in our loan calculator you decide how you want to settle your loan. Simply adjust to the desired performance and choose how much you want to settle for each month.

Buy now and pay later – we are flexible and allow you to continuously up and down your monthly service. Your co-determination is important to us. Therefore, we only offer you loans based on your finances.

Dropped on a good deal? Why wait?
What is saved is earned. Isn’t that what you say? So why wait? Loan and Credit can help! With us you can borrow between 5,000 – 25,000 and divide the payment into small chunks.

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