This way you will take out a small loan well prepared.

Sometimes you want to borrow a small amount quickly for certain reasons. Preferably accessible, without difficult questions. There can be a very nice reason for this, for example a big party or a holiday that you are planning. But it can also be necessary: ​​suppose that there are several accounts at the same time, which

Private lenders – how does the boom come about?

Private lenders are hopeful for more and more people when the creditworthiness for a bank loan is insufficient. But who is behind private lending, how do these upheavals in credit come about? What are the risks associated with the boom in personal loans? The current boom in using private lenders instead of bank loans is

Instant loan without collateral

It is not possible to take out an instant loan without collateral in German and foreign banking. The granting of a loan by a bank or bank is always tied to various types of security, which the borrower must also meet. How important is creditworthiness? The most important thing here is creditworthiness, which is used

Swiss loans despite negative Credit Bureau

Loans are difficult to obtain in Germany with a negative Credit Bureau, even if soft negative features, contrary to the assumption of many consumers, do not in all cases exclude borrowing. An alternative to tough negotiations with a German financial institution about lending despite a negative entry at Credit Bureau is to apply for a

Credit intermediaries without Credit Bureau

The loan through the credit intermediary and without Credit Bureau is often the last lifeline in a seemingly hopeless loan search. The article deals with how credit intermediaries manage small credit miracles. In addition, intermediary credit is just one of the remaining credit options. Credit through credit intermediaries without the Credit Bureau A loan through

Loan broker for the unemployed

For banks and credit institutions, people without a permanent employment relationship are among the customers with a particularly high risk of default when granting loans. The unemployment benefit is not rated as income and can be reduced or canceled by the offices at any time. Even if a credit broker is to work for the