Christchurch earthquake: 90 missing from language school


A rescuer searches for signs of life in the rubble of the CTV building. Photo / Simon Baker

Ninety students and staff at King’s Education Ltd, housed in the earthquake-ravaged Canterbury TV building in Christchurch, are missing or missing.

Of those nine staff, including King’s Education Managing Director Brian Taylor, 10 were from Japan’s Toyama Study Group, 13 were “new Monday beginners” and 58 were “other students,” according to the report. website of the institution.

The school specializes in teaching English to international students.

Six of the 15 school staff members were found, 11 students from the Toyama study group were rescued, and 17 of the “other students” were unharmed.

Many rescued students were injured and were in Christchurch Hospital, one of whom was transferred to Auckland Hospital.

King’s Education opened in 1994 and, in its last NZQA audit, achieved a rating that places it in the top 5 percent of English language providers in New Zealand.

Fifteen Canterbury TV (CTV) staff are also believed to be trapped in the building, which collapsed after Tuesday’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake, CTV chairman Nick Smith said.

Four Filipino nurses were also reportedly trapped.

Researchers were still looking for survivors in the devastated buildings of Canterbury TV and Pyne Gould Corporation.

A list of missing King’s Education students and staff is available here.


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