Danbury school system seeks to fill over 100 positions

If the pandemic has delayed your career, or you’re just looking for a new challenge, Danbury Public Schools are hiring for over 100 positions.

How are your math skills? Or maybe you could see yourself on the sidelines coaching JV Baseball or Volleyball? Or maybe you are one of those with crazy technical skills. There is even a position to be filled for Chief Strategy and Operations Officer. If any of these sound like you, Danbury Public Schools may be looking for you.

Even though the school year is almost halfway through, there are still opportunities to enroll and be part of the Danbury Public School System.

They are looking for full-time, part-time and seasonal employees and have a number of jobs available immediately.

While celebrating that the Danbury Public School System is proud of the diversity of the 75 different ethnicities living, working and educated in Hat City, the Human Resources Department explains why they think Danbury Schools are an amazing place to work . .

“Connecticut’s crown jewel is found in northern Fairfield County, just above the New York border,” said a DPS representative. “Danbury incorporates both the virtues of an urban center and the charm of a small town. Our town is located in the heart of the Housatonic Valley region. Danbury is convenient for major highways that will take you from Maine to Florida for some fun times. “

As of this writing, Danbury is looking for high school teachers in English, Business, Math, Tech Education and more.

Elementary school teachers are needed for Park Ave, Morris Street, Hayestown School, Ellsworth Ave. and others.

There are also job postings in the sports department for Assistant Football Coach, JV Baseball, Head Coaches for Wrestling, Boys’ Football, Girls’ Lacrosse, and Girls’ Swimming. On the office side, they are looking for office clerks and bookkeepers. Heck, you might even be in the music department as a long-term stand-in

Check the Danbury Public Schools website for a complete list of all available positions.

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