Delhi High Court rejects plea alleging favoritism in granting admission to school run by Jamia Milia Islamia after stance to formulate new policy

Taking note of Jamia Milia Islamia’s position that she has formulated a new policy, the Delhi High Court ruled on Tuesday on an alleged use of favoritism in granting admission to one of its affiliated schools, in know the upper secondary school Syed Abid Husain through cantilever entrances from the preparatory class to the XI class.

Judge Prateek Jalan was informed by attorney Pritish Sabharwal representing Jamia Milia Islamia that he had withdrawn his previous policy of December 1, 2021 and that a new policy had been formulated as of December 7, 2021.

According to the previous policy, it was stated that vacancies in all grades except Kindergarten, Prep, Grades I, VI, IX and XI were to be filled by interaction / interview and that the admission would be by means of a written examination.

The Court was informed that, under the new policy, a notification will be issued each year inviting applications for admission to the school after which admissions will be authorized on the basis of the marks obtained in the written examination for classes VI, IX and XI.

In addition, he added that in the event of a fortuitous vacancy in classes II, III, IV, V, VII and VIII, it will be filled by posting a public notice. For admissions to Kindergarten, Preparation and Class I, the same will apply on the basis of the drawing procedure.

He added, however, that no admission will take place on a first-come, first-come basis or through any interaction / interview in any of the categories or in a headmaster of said school.

Initially, Sabharwal assured the Court that JMI will adhere to said policy in letter and spirit and that applicants will be admitted to school in the appropriate classes for the 2021-22 school year, subject to presentation of documents. .

“In view of the above, the grievance raised by the petitioners in these petitions is satisfied. The petitions are therefore closed, taking note of the policy dated 07.12.2021 formulated by JMI ”, said the court.

The Court had previously summoned the registrar of Jamia Milia Islamia and the principal of the respondent school in this case.

Advocacy crossed Lawyers Iram Peerzada and Mohd. Sarfaraz alleged that the chairman of the Jamia Schools Admission Committee and the head of the respondent school which granted admission under the “paid seat category“had no legal authority or sanction to do so.

“The chairman, J ami a Schools Admission Committee I CoB, i.e. Respondent # 3 and the school in charge, Respondent, i.e. Respondent # 4, how that they proceeded, it clearly shows that he opened a back door entry Pandora’s box on the basis of nepotism and favoritism ”, had added the plea.

It was also stated that the whole process of admission to the Respondent’s school was a “colorful power exercise“resulting in a flagrant violation of Articles 14, 21 and 21A of the Constitution of India.


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