Dipu Moni: lottery system for school admission continues

A total of 538,153 students applied against 800,017 vacant seats in 405 public schools across the country

The government has decided to continue the online lottery admission system in schools to enroll students in order to stop the unhealthy competition in exams and business coaching centers.

Education Minister Dipu Moni made the announcement during Wednesday’s inauguration of government secondary school admissions for the 2022 school year at the International Mother Language Institution.

The minister said: “We will not revert to the previous admissions system which created unhealthy competition among students.”

The online admission lottery system has also eliminated the frenetic activity of the coaching centers, she said.

Many parents would influence school authorities to enroll their children, but that has stopped now, the minister added.

If anyone is discovered to be involved in unethical activities in the admission process, legal action will be taken against them, the minister warned.

The minister said that students who would not be admitted to public schools can enroll in private schools.

A total of 538,153 students applied out of 800,017 vacant places in 405 public schools across the country.

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