Donald Trump tore up so many documents his aides knew his shredding style

Donald Trump tore up so many White House documents that aides could recognize when he had done it himself: two long tears that would be a quarter of a sheet of paper, according to The Washington Post. Helpers searching for a specific document would find the distinctive fragments all over the Oval Office — on his desk, on the floor, in the trash — and would often need to put them back together to comply with archival laws. Trump returned 15 boxes of documents to Washington, DC after National Archives officials informed him that he and his aides took classified documents to his personal residence in Mar-a-Lago after his presidency ended. Trump’s advisers had asked Archive executives for a statement on recent reports that the former president mishandled documents saying he had done nothing wrong, the To post reports; the heads of the Archives refused. Some documents were not torn up; they have been entirely erased. According to a former senior administration official who spoke to the To post, the Jan. 6 House committee investigating the Capitol riot requested documents about Trump’s lobbying campaign to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to delay certification of the presidential election by 2020. The recordings in question would no longer exist, shredded beyond repair. The ex-president was also said to have been prone to flushing documents down White House toilets, often clogging them.

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