Early 2022 Direct School Admission Exercises and ITE and Polytechnic Early Admission Exercise

The Direct School Admissions (DSA) Exercise for Admission into Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges (JCs) in 2023 will be open for applications from May 5, 2022. -specific abilities and interests will commence respectively May 26 and June 6, 2022.

DSA exercise

2. DSA offers students a pathway to directly enter secondary schools or JCs based on their diverse talents and potential, beyond their performance in national exams. Upon admission, students can further develop these talents in their secondary or JC schools. There are 142 secondary schools and 20 JCs participating in the DSA this year. Since 2018, secondary schools can take up to 20% of their non-integrated entry into secondary 1 program via the DSA exercise. Beginning in FY2022 DSA, MOE will increase DSA places for Government and Government Assisted (GGA) JCs from 10% to 20% of their admission to JC1 of the non-integrated program. More students can now apply for admission to a JC based on their talents and accomplishments that may not be demonstrated at O ​​Levels.

Conduct of the DSA selection

3. In view of the high vaccination rates of students and school staff, the MOE will allow in-person interviewing and selection to resume for the DSA 2022 exercise. This allows students to better demonstrate their talents and potential, especially for events or group tasks where coordination between candidates is important (e.g. team sports, group performance). Security management measures (SMM), in line with the national posture, will be put in place to ensure the safety of students and staff participating in the interviews and the selection process.

4. MOE will continue to provide guidelines to assist schools in the candidate selection process. We will also be monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will notify of any changes prior to the start of the DSA selections.

DSA Commitment

5. Students participating in the DSA-Sec or DSA-JC exercise must still take the PSLE ​​or GCE O-Level exam respectively. Students will be notified of the outcome of their DSA application and if an offer is made, they will need to decide whether to accept the offer by the stated deadline, which will be before the national exam results are released. A student who accepts a confirmed DSA-Sec offer is guaranteed a place at this high school, provided their PSLE ​​results meet the minimum required for a course [Express / Normal (Academic) / Normal (Technical)] offered by the school. Students wishing to enter the Integrated Program (IP) track must meet the minimum requirement to enter the express course. Similarly, for a student who accepts a DSA-JC offer, their GCE O-Level result must meet the eligibility criteria for JC admission.

6. By accepting an offer of admission through the DSA-Sec or the DSA-JC, students express a commitment to study at this school, to develop their talent in the chosen field, and must honor this commitment. Students successfully admitted to a school through DSA-Sec or DSA-JC will not participate in the Secondary 1 Display Exercise (S1 Ex) or Joint Admission Exercise (JAE). They will also not be allowed to transfer to another school after achieving their PSLE ​​or GCE O-Level results.

7. Students should carefully consider their DSA application, based on their aptitudes and strengths, the academic and non-academic requirements of the school, and the programs available to develop their talents.

DSA-Sec app

8. Students and parents can submit DSA-Sec applications through a centralized online portal through the MOE DSA-Sec website from May 5, 2022, 11:00 a.m. to June 1, 2022, 3:00 p.m. Applicants only need to complete a single online form to apply to multiple schools and talent areas. Each applicant may indicate up to three choices in the application form. For each choice, applicants will be required to choose a secondary school and a talent area offered by that school. Applicants may indicate a different Talent Area for each of their three choices, and a maximum of two choices may be used for the same school.

9. Applying through the portal is free and requires a parent’s Singpass to log in, for authentication purposes. Parents who do not have access to Singpass can contact their child’s primary school for assistance.

DSA-JC request

ten. Students applying for DSA-JC are encouraged to check the MOE DSA-JC website for important dates and deadlines, and to find out how the exercise will take place. Interested students should visit the respective JC websites as application periods, procedures and selection criteria may differ.

Further information

11. Students interested in the DSA-Sec and DSA-JC should visit the websites of participating DSA schools for details. They are advised to do so before submitting their application. Students can also access the MOE DSA-Sec and DSA-JC websites for more information on the exercises.

Financial aid schemes

12. The MOE provides financial aid through various programs such as the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) and the Opportunity Fund, to ensure that students from low-income families are not denied development opportunities. Additionally, students who wish to apply to Independent Schools (IS) can benefit from the Independent Schools Scholarship (ISB) and the Edusave Independent Schools Scholarship (ESIS) to help cover higher tuition fees in these schools. The UPLIFT scholarship is also available to provide an annual cash scholarship of $800 to eligible IS students from low-income families. More information about these scholarships can be found at https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/scholarships.

Early Admission Exercise (EAE)

13. EAE provides graduate ITE, N-Level and O-Level students, as well as working adults, a pathway to apply for and receive conditional offers of admission to ITE and polytechnics. Beyond academic grades, EAE candidates are considered on the basis of demonstrated ability and interest in a specific course. Candidates may be required to submit portfolios, undergo interviews and pass aptitude tests as part of the selection process.

Conduct of the EAE selection

14. EAE selections in 2020 and 2021 were conducted largely through virtual means for most courses. The EAE selection modality in 2022 will vary depending on course requirements and could be virtual or in-person. Where in-person selections are made, polytechnics and ITE will ensure that appropriate SMMs are in place, consistent with the national posture.

15. ITE and the polytechnics will inform applicants of the selection process accordingly. Students who need help can contact the institutions for assistance. Institutions will also continue to monitor the national situation and stay informed of any changes before the start of the selections.

ITE EAE request

16. N- and O-level graduate students may apply for early admission to the Nitec and Higher Nitec courses respectively through the ITE EAE, depending on their specific course abilities and interests.

17. Applications will be open from May 26 to June 1, 2022. More information on the application process and key dates for interviews, acceptance and confirmation of the offer can be found at https://www.ite. edu.sg/apply-eae.

18. Successful candidates on the ITE EAE will receive conditional offers prior to receiving their Nitec, GCE N- or O-Level results. For their conditional offer to be confirmed, they must meet the Minimum Entrance Requirements (MER) of the course offered. The respective Nitec and Higher Nitec course MERs are available at https://www.ite.edu.sg/apply-eae.

19. Students must commit to their choice of courses within the framework of the ITE EAE. Students who accept a place through the ITE EAE will not be eligible to participate in the Joint Admissions Exercise for Higher Nitec Courses or the Joint Admissions Exercise for Higher Nitec and Nitec Courses.

Polytechnic EAE application

Admission for O and ITE level graduate students

20. O-Level and final-year ITE graduate students can apply for early admission to courses at all five polytechnics through EAE Polytechnic, based on their specific course abilities and interests.

21. Applications will be open from June 9 to 15, 2022 for final-year ITE students and from June 23 to 29, 2022 for O-level students. More information on the application procedure, entry requirements and dates important for interviews, acceptance and confirmation of the offer are available at https://eae.polytechnic.edu.sg.

22. Successful candidates for the Polytechnic EAE will receive conditional offers prior to receiving their final exam results. For the conditional offer to be confirmed, they must meet the MERs of the polytechnic course offered. The MERs of the respective degree courses can be viewed on the polytechnic websites.

23. Students must be committed to their choice of polytechnic and courses within the framework of the polytechnic EAE. Students who accept an offer through EAE Polytechnic and whose place is confirmed will not be eligible to participate in any other Polytechnic admissions exercises. They will also not be able to transfer to another course within or between polytechnics.

Admission for working adults

24. Working adults with at least two years of relevant work experience can apply to polytechnics through the EAE Polytechnic. This only applies to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents.

25. Interested working adults will need to submit employment records with their application, along with employer recommendations, if applicable. Polytechnics will holistically assess candidates’ work experience to determine the relevance of the skills/skills acquired during their work to their course of interest. Applicants deemed suitable, but whose previous academic grades do not match the MERs, will be given the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the prerequisite skills for the chosen course through additional assessments.

26. Applications for working adults will be open from June 6 to July 3, 2022. More information can be found at https://eae.polytechnic.edu.sg.

Further information

27. Students interested in ITE EAE or Polytechnic EAE should visit the websites of the higher education institutes for details. They are advised to do this before the start of the respective exercises. More information about ITE EAE and Polytechnic EAE is also available at https://www.moe.gov.sg/post-secondary/admissions/ite-eae and https://www.moe.gov. sg/post-secondary/admissions/poly-eae, respectively.



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