Floorball included in the sports program of the Sanya Foreign Language School

Floorball has taken new stages of development in China by becoming a school sport in Sanya, a city on the southern end of the Chinese island of Hainan. Floorball is now included in the sports program of the Sanya Foreign Language School (SYFLS).

The project started in July 2020 when representatives of the China Floorball Union (CFU) and the Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC), president of the AOFC Youth Development Mr. Ching SJ and vice president of the UFC Mr. Yuan Yong, were invited to SYFLS by the director Ms. Zhu Weixue and deputy director Mr. Wang Qingguo. The first meeting paved the way for further cooperation in floorball.

In August, the CFU appointed teachers to provide floorball training to teachers at SYFLS and developed floorball lessons for the school. With the support of CFU, SYFLS successfully launched floorball as a school sports program.

– Thanks to the efforts and influence of SYFLS, schools in Hainan are gradually starting to include floorball in their school systems. Combined with the geographic advantages and unique political conditions of Hainan, floorball can be further developed and strengthened through future international exchanges. With the support and joint efforts of many parties, we see a bright future for Hainan floorball, informs the vice president of the CFU, Mr. Yuan Yong.

As a six-year public school jointly built by the Shanghai University of International Studies (SISU) and the People’s Government of Sanya City, SYFLS strives to make the school a multilingual foreign language school. and first-class international with international trade. The school wants to play the leading role in terms of high quality educational resources.

Source: China Floorball Union

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