Improve your sleep with Purple sheets, mattresses and pillows

Few things are as beneficial (and enjoyable) as a good night’s sleep. And if you really want to wake up feeling fully rejuvenated, there are plenty of bedroom essentials: a sturdy mattress, plush sheets and, of course, a comfy pillow. Fortunately, Mauve has all of these essentials covered.

Purple products are designed to give your body a favorable and restorative sleep. Each item contains an innovative GelFlex grid that balances firmness and softness reducing pressure, providing support and instantly adapting to your movements.

the Purple Harmony™ Pillow combines this one-of-a-kind grid with a durable latex core to cradle and support your head and neck, helping you rest comfortably in any sleeping position.

In addition to the GelFlex grid support, Purple mattresses have responsive support springs that allow for greater airflow, ensuring you can rest at the optimal temperature. His Purple Hybrid® Mattress is an option that can’t be wrong, but if you need more help, you might want to explore the Premier® 3 and Premier® 4 too.

Why bother with a highly technical mattress if you’re going to cover it with the same cheap sheets you’ve been using for a decade? This luxurious and stretchy set was designed to be the perfect complement to a purple mattress.

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