“Improving the school system will benefit teachers”

BACHOK: Teachers can expect to spend more time teaching as the Ministry of Education is committed to improving several structures in the system, Education Minister Datuk Dr. Radzi Jidin said.

“We will ensure that inefficiencies in the structure of the school system are corrected so that teachers can optimally spend their time educating.

Top marks: Radzi (center) with award winners Tokoh Kepimpinan Pendidikan Kebangsaan and Tokoh Guru Kebangsaan during the celebration of the 51st Teachers’ Day 2022 at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan in Bachok. — Bernama

“We will also be restructuring the teacher transfer process, whereby requests can be made throughout the year, involving four transfers per year depending on the suitability of the requested location and subject options in the state. concerned.

“In addition to this, we will also ensure that teachers can teach other subjects outside of their main subject to give them an edge when applying for a transfer,” he said during an interview. press conference after attending the launch of the 51st National Teachers’ Day. 2022 celebration at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan here yesterday, Bernama reported.

Radzi said teacher development and well-being will also receive special attention to ensure the effectiveness of school and teacher operations.

“We went out into the field to listen to the views and grievances of educators during the leadership engagement sessions held earlier,” he added.

At the event, Datu Dr Adi Badiozaman @ Badio Zaman Tuah was named Tokoh Kepimpinan Pendidikan Kebangsaan 2022, while Roslan Yatim was awarded the Anugerah Tokoh Guru Kebangsaan 2022.

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