Japanese game “School Girl Zombie Hunter” is definitely not for kids



School Girl Zombie Hunter is an upcoming PS4 game in which zombies tear off schoolgirls clothes. Watch the extremely NSFW trailer here!

You can find entertaining stories in zombie fiction. Since Night of the Living Dead, the walking dead have been excellent subjects for good horror stories. Several decades later, games like resident Evil would bring zombies into the video game world. that of Robert Kirkman The walking dead would only disseminate interesting zombie stories to the general public. These are all great examples of good zombie fiction with interesting stories.

But, sometimes you’re not there for a super strong story. Sometimes you just want to see over-the-top gore, over-the-top violence, hokey dialogue, cheesy plot, and trademark horror nudity. Sure, that sounds like an easy formula for old school horror, but you know what? It still works.

The next PS4 exclusive Schoolgirl zombie hunter is your best example of the latter. I’m not quite sure there is a story somewhere. You know, other than a herd of zombies coming down on a school building. The real draw here is the over-the-top adult video game content. I’m talking not only is there excessive gore, but your cliché of scantily clad women is there too.

Take a look at the extended trailer for this game below, but be aware that it’s very NSFW!


Schoolgirl zombie hunter takes place in a school building invaded by countless zombies. Five school girls are fighting for their lives in this mature action shooter. Using a variety of guns, the goal is to completely rid the school of the living dead.

And, get it, the game features a “clothing tear system” to explain nudity. It’s as dirty as it sounds. Zombies will literally tear the clothes of the girls they attack. It certainly won’t be a game to play if you have kids around.

From now on, Schoolgirl zombie hunter is a version only in Japan. However, as Destructoid theorizes, the game may soon be heading to the United States. Hence the reason to translate the trailer into English. Stay tuned for more updates.


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