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Parents of students at a public primary school in Japan have been urged to purchase school uniforms designed by Giorgio Armani to suit their fashionable surroundings, according to local media.

The school is located in Tokyo’s Ginza district, an upscale shopping area known for its high-end department stores and fashion-conscious clientele.

It’s a reputation that apparently hasn’t escaped Taimei Primary School officials who have asked parents to dress all new first graders in a way that reflects their prestigious neighbors.

According to Japanese media, parents have been urged to purchase a uniform designed by Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani, which is priced slightly more than one would expect from a public school. It will cost them around 90,000 yen ($ 820), a steep increase from the standard uniform which costs around $ 100 to $ 200.

Explaining the decision to parents in a letter dated last November, principal Toshitsugu Wada said the uniform would reflect the district as the school is “a landmark and a mark of Ginza.” He failed to mention, however, how much trendy threads would actually cost.

“I want the students to study at Taimei Elementary School while feeling their connection with Ginza [but] I’m afraid this awareness will fade… I decided to change the standard uniform to Armani in the hope of creating an awareness of being a Ginza school ”, the review read.

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“I was surprised and wondered why such luxury brand uniforms had been chosen for a public elementary school” an anonymous mother, whose child will start school in April, told The Huffington Post.

“I am afraid that a misconception that something expensive is good and something cheap is bad may be imprinted on children” she added.

Finance Minister Taro Aso pointed out the obvious when agreeing with disgruntled parents that uniforms are “pretty expensive.” Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi also said school officials should have discussed the new uniform with parents before sending the notice.

Principal Wada acknowledged that the proposed uniforms were poorly designed, in a statement shared on the school’s homepage, and promised to provide parents with a sufficient explanation.

“With humility, I take the criticism that the explanation was insufficient and not at the right time. I will continue to explain carefully to those concerned,” he wrote.

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