Japanese school renames boys ‘and girls’ uniforms to ‘Type I’ and ‘Type II’ as part of gender identity reform


New dress code allows choice of stockings for female students only.

Although the word uniform literally means “one form,” every day at a school in Japan you will see two different uniforms: one for boys and one for girls. For example, at Yokota Prefectural High School in Shimane Prefecture the boys ‘uniform has trousers, while the girls’ uniform has a skirt.

However, when the next school year begins in the spring, Yokota will no longer have boys ‘and girls’ uniforms. It is not because they will be wearing a unique and identical uniform that all students will wear, but because the school is rename them to Type I and Type II, as part of its evolving recognition of the diversity of gender identity.

For the 2021 school year, Yokota students will be able to choose between wearing a skirt or pants, and the school says a number of them have already expressed a desire to wear the latter. While some of these choices were undoubtedly driven by the greater warmth provided by long pants, Yokota made it clear that the main reason for bringing in the pants / skirts option was not the sadly classrooms. cold from Japan, but allow students to wear clothes that they feel good in tune with how they identify in terms of gender.

Yokota will become the 13th of 34 full-time prefectural high schools in Shimane to allow female students to wear pants. However, the freedom to choose between wearing pants or a skirt is not extended to the male student body. “At this point we are just changing the dress code [to allow students to choose] for students ”, said Kyoko Mitani, professor of humanities at Yokota. However, she added: “Given the different opinions of students and their tutors, I want us to keep thinking about gender diversity,” implying that the school could allow male students to wear skirts before. long time.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Yahoo! News from Japan via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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