Law School Admission Test, LSAT India 2022, January, May; Registration begins


Registration for LSAT-India 2022 began on October 18 (representative)

New Delhi:

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) will administer the Law School Admission Test, or LSAT-India 2022, online in two cycles. The first test will take place on January 15 and the second will take place over a period of five days, starting on May 9. Students can take the exam from home.

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Registration for LSAT-India 2022 began on October 18.

“Administering the LSAT-India test in January would help aspirants to prepare in depth for the exam as there would be no burden for the other exams. With two opportunities to do well at LSAT-India 2022, aspirants will be able to demonstrate their true ability to succeed in top colleges without worrying about other tests, ”said LSAC Vice President Yusuf Abdul-Kareem.

Students can register for the exam at

Students registering before December 15, 2021 will be eligible for the special early registration fee of Rs 3,499 and students registering on or after December 15 will have to pay the standard fee of Rs 3,799, said the LASC.

LSAT-India is used by many law schools around the country for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions. Aspirants can visit to find the list of institutions that use the entrance exam.

“After the registration period closes, applicants will receive planning details and instructions on how to take the test online to ensure a smooth experience. LSAC will provide additional information on LSAT-India online in the coming weeks, ”said an official statement.

Candidates can prepare for the exam using the test materials available at

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