LSAC Law School Unmasked and Admission Unmasked events return for June and July

The Law School Admission Council is bringing back its Law School Unmasked and Admission Unmasked programs for June and July. Billed as a program specifically designed for freshmen, Law School Unmasked will run from June 7 through June 23 and will include three weeks of instruction to prepare students for the rigors of law school. Admission Unmasked will run from June 20 to July 29 and will focus on navigating the law school admissions process.

Law School Unmasked will feature four live events over the course of three weeks and will be taught by law school professors from across the country. Live webinars will be combined with instruction from the instructors, as well as interactive learning modules to complete before each event. Topics will include time and task management, how to prepare for law school classes and exams, deductive and inductive reasoning, and more. Law School Unmasked is available free of charge to all LSAC LawHub users. The deadline for registration is Monday, June 6. Click here for more details and how to register.

Admission Unmasked aims to make the law school application process easier. Some of the topics to be taught include understanding the application process, how to make informed choices about which schools to apply to, whether a law degree is right for you, your career, and more. The program’s schedule spans five weeks and will include several live events each week, ranging from mock lectures and LSAT prep to dissecting admissions package samples and preparing personal statements. Admission Unmasked is also available free of charge to all LSAC LawHub users. For the full program and how to register, click here.

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