Maharashtra: Over 28,000 children are yet to confirm school admission under RTE

Even after two deadline extensions, parents of more than 28,000 children have yet to confirm their admissions for seats allocated to various schools in Maharashtra under the provisions of the Right to Education (RTE), officials said. This indicates that a significant number of parents have refused to occupy the places allocated, even though the requests received within the framework of RTE this year represented double the places available.

This year, a total of 9,086 schools in Maharashtra are participating in RTE Admissions offering 1,01,906 places. The total number of applications received is 2,82,783, of which 90,685 students were allocated seats after the lottery process. However, only 62,179 parents have confirmed their admission to those seats as the extended deadline ended this week, officials added. While 28,506 candidates were practically denied the seat allocated under the RTE.

Those children will now be outside of RTE’s admissions system, officials said. In Mumbai district alone, there were a total of 6,451 seats offered for admissions under RTE and 5,342 students were allocated seats in the first round, but only 3,252 confirmed their admissions on the allocated seats.

Even though there were fewer places for RTE admissions in Maharashtra this year, requests from parents remained high. However, at the end of the extended first round of admissions, many seem to have let go of the places allocated under RTE.

Meanwhile, those on the waitlist are now demanding clarification on the timing to confirm admissions for the remaining vacant seats. According to the information provided by the Department of Education (Primary) which proceeds with this admission, a new calendar will be published within three to four days to complete admissions to vacant places.

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