Manship School Approves Reduced Admission Requirements in 16-12 Vote | New

Professors at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication voted Friday to lower the program’s admissions standards in a 16-12 vote, according to a professor who was present at the meeting. The meeting lasted about six minutes.

Changes include removal of standard 3.0 GPA, reduction in credit hour requirements, and direct admission high performance Secondary school students.

Josh Grimm, acting dean of the Manship School, said he hopes the changes could go into effect as early as next semester, but the proposal will have to go through LSU’s senior administration first.

The faculty at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication will vote Friday on proposed admissions changes that would remove the 3.0 GPA from the program…

Manship, the academic college of journalism, public relations, political communications, and digital advertising, is one of the most selective at LSU. The school asks:

  • Thirty hours of college-level courses, which means most students aren’t accepted until their sophomore year

  • Completion of MC 2010, an introductory course in media writing, with a B- or better.

  • A 250-word essay on career and development goals, and a CV.

Proposed changes:

  • Lower the credit hour requirement to 24 hours

  • Remove Prioritization 3.0 GPA

  • Consider additional criteria for direct admission of high school students, such as high school media experience or other relevant experience

Faculty in favor of the proposal have argued that the changes will increase the program’s share of students from underrepresented programs. Other faculty are concerned that the program does not have enough academic resources to ensure that students with lower GPAs are able to to succeed at school.

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