Massachusetts has the best school system in the country



It happened again, folks! These fantastic folks at WalletHub have done another of their wonderful studies. A study that drops more good news for the people of Bay State.

Personal finance site WalletHub recently released its latest ranking of the best school systems in America, and Massachusetts came out on top! WalletHub has ranked and compared the public school systems of the 50 states and Washington DC

Using criteria ranging from dropout rate, high school graduation rate among low income students, student-teacher ratio, standardized test scores and much more. A total of 32 key quality and safety measures were used to factor the study.

Commonwealth public schools ranked first in math test scores and reading test scores. Massachusetts was also tied for first place in median ACT scores. And, Massachusetts was number 1 for the lowest percentage of students at risk or at risk of injury.

Bay State educators have been ranked among the most mean salary in all states at $ 82,349 per year. In the study, WalletHub had this to say:

Some researchers have found that more resources – or taxes paid by residents – generally lead to better performance of the school system.

Massachusetts was not the only New England state to feature prominently in the study. Connecticut ranked No. 2, followed closely by New Hampshire No. 5. Vermont also performed well, finishing in 10th place, with Rhode Island just behind in 11th place. Maine also performed well, placing 13th overall.

And, in case you’re interested, New Mexico has the disgrace of coming last. According to the study, New Mexico would have the worse school system in America.

If you would like to check out the full study with all rankings, you can visit WalletHub’s full report here.

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