Mobile County Public School System To Switch To Virtual Learning Next Week As Omicron Spreads | Coronavirus COVID-19 News

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The Mobile County Public School System will transition to virtual learning for the week of January 18-21 due to the number of COVID cases affecting the system.

In a letter to parents, Superintendent Chresal Threadgill said the omicron variant was spreading rapidly in schools. He said closing campuses for nine full days will help those affected recover from the illness.

Online classes will not be live classes. Instead, teachers will upload assignments to Schoology for students to complete on their own schedule. The paper assignments will be sent home with the primary students.

Students must return to class on Monday, January 24.

His full statement reads as follows:


First, thank you to each of you for your continued support of MCPSS during these unprecedented times. Our parents, students and employees are certainly to be commended for continuing to move forward as #TeamMCPSS.

The Omicron variant is spreading rapidly in Mobile County. I have been closely tracking the number of positive COVID cases and isolations at each school and throughout the district as a whole daily.

Our caseload has increased, making it difficult to staff many of our schools. Based on today’s numbers, I believe it is best for the health and safety of all students and employees throughout the district to transition to virtual learning for the week of 18-12. January 21, 2022. I have made the decision to close a full week to allow nine consecutive days, including weekends, for people to recover from illness.

These will not be “live” classroom lessons as we implemented them in Fall 2020. Instead, to allow for flexibility, teachers will upload lessons and assignments to Schoology for have students complete them on their own schedule next week or paper assignments will be sent out. at home with elementary school students.

Tomorrow, January 14, 2022, will be used to provide students with assignments for the next week and to ensure that all students have a device to complete their work if needed. All assignments will be done through Schoology or students will receive hard copies. For those who do not have internet at home, instructions for uploading assignments will be provided to students. A copy of the instructions will also be placed on our website for parents to refer to.

When we return on January 24, 2022, we will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 cases and allow the numbers to inform subsequent decisions made in the District.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of #TeamMCPSS. We will #FinishStrong.

Chresal D. Threadgill

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