NCSSM graduates are now admitted to UNC system schools


The board of governors unanimously approved an amendment to the UNC system policy that guarantees graduates of the North Carolina School of Science and Math admission to any school in the UNC system at its meeting on Thursday.

The council also discussed equity in college tuition fees and legislative updates regarding the budget.

What’s new?

  • The new policy will come into effect for NCSSM students applying for first admission, starting in the fall semester 2022, who meet all graduation and application requirements.
    • It does not guarantee admission to specific programs or majors within each university.
    • The UNC School of the Arts is the exception, as it requires an audition or interview for admission directly into a specific major.
    • “I think it’s long overdue, and I’m very excited about it,” said Randy Ramsey, President of BOG.
  • BOG members also discussed the issue of equity surrounding tuition fees in higher education.
    • “Keeping costs low is the most important thing we can do to regain public trust and promote equity in higher education,” said Peter Hans, president of the UNC system. “People overwhelmingly believe that higher education opens new doors of opportunity, and it does, but only if the full cost of attendance is within reach.”
    • The Budget and Finance Committee recommended that the UNC system not increase the tuition fees for residential school students for the 2022-2023 school year. Ramsey said this is the sixth year in a row that tuition fees in the state have not been increased.
  • Hans said the state legislature should allocate the biggest investment in repairing and renovating the university system in its next budget.
    • The BOG has approved a $ 4.8 million investment project for phase three of the renovations to the UNC-Chapel Hill women’s basketball, which includes work on program spaces at Woolen Gym. The renovation will be financed by “sports receipts”, according to meeting documents of the Committee on Budget and Finance.
    • In April, UNC-Chapel Hill’s deferred maintenance backlog was over $ 900 million.
  • The BOG also approved updates to the responsibilities and names of its committees.
    • The Staff and Tenure Committee will now be called the University Staff Committee. The committee is no longer responsible for reviewing and recommending individuals for permanent terms, according to meeting documents.
    • The public affairs committee will now be called the military and public affairs committee. The BOG added additional tasks such as evaluating policies aimed at assisting students affiliated with the military and meeting the needs of partner military organizations.

And after?

  • The Committee on Budget and Finance plans to make recommendations for greater consistency across the UNC system with respect to the total cost of attending the next BOG meeting, scheduled for November 18.

Who is on the BOG?

  • The BOG has 24 voting members, elected by the Senate and House of Representatives of the North Carolina General Assembly.
  • The President of the UNC Student Government Association is an ex-officio non-voting member of the BOG.


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