New Britain Herald – STUDENT’S CORNER: Diversity in New Britain’s school system


New Britain is known for its diversity and inclusion as many people from all over the world immigrate to New Britain. People come here from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Yemen, Syria and more.

Immigrating can be extremely difficult for many people as they overcome many obstacles such as being away from family, culture shock, learning a new language, etc. However, the New Britain School District is very dedicated to helping immigrants.

For example, New Britain High School has an ESL department, which helps pupils who have difficulty in English with their school work and to adapt to the new environment.

“We are very proud of the vast linguistic and cultural diversity within the NBHS,” said Dr. Marisa Cartiera, Head of the Languages ​​Department. “While our primary goal for our English learners is to improve their English proficiency, it is also very important to us to celebrate and recognize the students’ native language and culture. About five years ago , we have started offering all students the opportunity to earn the CT Bi-Literacy Seal, through various proficiency exams.Seniors who have demonstrated literacy proficiency in a language other than English are recognized after I think this recognition is very special for our multilingual students, as it not only highlights the value of being bilingual, but also celebrates their rich and proud backgrounds.

New Britain High School has mother tongue teaching assistants who work with pupils who have Arabic or Spanish as their first language. As a result, these teaching assistants help translate the work and guide them through the class. Bilingual teacher assistants work with students individually and in groups, providing them with the help they need.

New Britain High School also offers sheltered classes for pupils who are still learning English. These courses allow students to better understand the work. Classes include history, geometry, algebra, science and more.

A bilingual teaching assistant, Mona Sabra, said, “English as a second language and protected classes are so important for students. I can definitely see the progress students have made from first to first year by participating in classes and being more confident in speaking English.

Overall, New Britain is a very diverse community and New Britain High School is dedicated to helping students who have immigrated from other countries.

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