New Hampshire State Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight apologizes for racial slur two weeks later

Two weeks after being accused of repeatedly using a racial slur to intimidate a black activist, a New Hampshire Democratic state legislator has issued a belated apology for the horrific episode. Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight emailed the young activist on Tuesday, saying she “immediately regrets” using the racial slur to make her point after testifying about a bill, and that “no one should use this language”. “I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the pain this has caused,” she wrote in the email. Activist Jonah Wheeler said he didn’t buy Klein-Knight’s apology, which he said didn’t sound sincere. It only came after she had already been stripped of committee assignments and at the request of a bipartisan House committee that investigated her use of the insult. “I cannot accept this response as his apology. Unfortunately, Rep. Klein-Knight continues to make things worse,” Wheeler said, as quoted by the New Hampshire Labor Leader. Immediately after the episode – in which Klein-Knight allegedly refused to stop using the insult despite Wheeler’s plea that she stop – she defended her behavior and blamed “cancellation culture”. Community organizers were quick to condemn her in an open letter, saying she not only used racist language, but then “escalated” the situation by calling security on Wheeler.

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