No school in Delhi can refuse admission due to disability or severity of disability: DoE

Admission should not be refused on grounds of disability or severity of disability, the Directorate of Education (DoE) has emphasized in a new set of instructions to Delhi schools on the admission of children with Special Needs (CWSN).

The DoE has instructed schools in all branches to increase ease of admission to school at the CWSN, easing restrictions on age, materials, and class capacity. He pointed out that schools cannot refuse admission to a child on the grounds that they do not have a special education teacher and other facilities which they are required to under the Right to Education Act. Education and the Disability Rights Act.

He also asked schools not to deny admission to the CWSN because of their age. There are upper age limits for admissions to all classes and the DoE has said headteachers should offer relaxation of up to four years in these, adding that if additional relaxation is sought for a child, it will be taken into account by its Department of Inclusive Education.

A child unable to produce the required documents at the time of admission will be admitted on a provisional basis and his parents will have a maximum period of three months to present them.

He also said that if a pre-primary or primary class in a government-run or government-subsidized school reaches capacity in a section and a CWSN applicant approaches the school for admissions, the school may contact the district officials for permission to admit two of these students. children.

Furthermore, he said that even if the parents of a CWSN candidate are unable to apply for admission within the prescribed time frame, the headteacher must process their application for admission and forward it to the authorities. district educational institutions that will authorize admission at their own level. .

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