Planned salary increases in the local school system

JACKSON, Tenn. – The Jackson-Madison County school system plans to raise salaries for employees.

Superintendent Dr. Marlon King reviews fiscal year 2023 to improve employee compensation. This includes teachers, support staff, substitute teachers and coaches.

“Our board came out of retirement with a new vision, and that vision was ‘the best in every way’. And that was basically Dr. King’s marching orders. And so, to be the best in every way, there are certain things you need to do like a competitive salary,” said Greg Hammond, the school system’s director of public information.

King has spent the past year and a half restructuring and reviewing the budget to see how the school system can be more competitive as a district.

“It can’t happen overnight, but what you’re going to see over the next two months is a gradual change in the salary scale, the supplements we’re able to offer our coaches and teachers,” Hammond said.

The goal of salary increases is not only to pay employees more, but also to encourage retention and make veteran employees want to stay longer.

“If you look around, we can do better in terms of teacher salary rankings, compensation. The conversation was therefore the first step. That second step was to adopt a continuation budget,” Hammond said.

The school board will continue to work closely with its leadership team and Madison County Chief Financial Officer Karen Bell to come up with the best budget for school system employees.

“Around September you’ll start to hear some budget amendments, and so those conversations will start to take shape and be reflected in the budget,” Hammond said.

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