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A record number of cases of bullying were reported during the 2017 academic year. One of the main factors behind this increase is the growing trend to identify and proactively respond to bullying in school .

During the 2017 school year, reported cases of bullying in elementary, secondary and secondary schools increased by 28% year-over-year, reaching a new high of 414,378, according to a study on the problematic student behavior and truancy conducted by the Ministry. education, culture, sports, science and technology (MEXT). This equates to 30.9 reported cases per 1,000 students. The distribution by school was 317,121 cases in elementary schools, 80,424 in lower secondary schools, 14,789 in secondary schools and 2,044 in special schools; all figures were increases from the previous year.

With a focus on early detection and response to bullying, MEXT has defined this term as any action that causes mental or physical suffering to the victim, whether or not it takes place at school. The rapid increase in reported cases of bullying at school appears to reflect the growing effort to proactively identify cases before they get worse, rather than a sudden deterioration in the environment for students.

However, there is little room for complacency. There were 474 “serious” cases of bullying in the 2017 academic year, 78 more than the previous year. Such cases are defined in the anti-harassment legislation promulgated by the Diet in 2013 as any action which results in serious mental or physical damage, considerable financial loss or threatens the life of the victim.

The MEXT study looked at types of bullying and found that the majority of cases, 62.3%, involved teasing and name calling, followed by 21.0% involving students who were hit or hit and hit. with kicks under the pretext of playing, and 14.1% who were excluded from groups or ignored (several reasons were allowed).

Online bullying through social media services such as Line accounted for 3% of all bullying and 17.5% of bullying in high school, with a total of 12,632 cases reported in 2017.

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