School admission drops in state due to irresponsible Education Minister : Malavika Gubbivani : Welcome to Mysooru News

Mysore: Expressing dismay at the drop in school admissions by 13,000 in Mysuru District, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Mysuru District Chairperson Malavika Gubbivani questioned the Minister of Education on the measures taken to meet the challenges in time.

“Till last August, there were 1.76 lakh student enrollment in public schools in primary and secondary schools. But this year, due to complete neglect by the Ministry of Education, the enrollment has dropped to 1.63 lakhs, which shows that the enrollment has decreased by 13,000,” Malavika said.

“The Department must investigate the reason for such a decline and take corrective action to increase the strength of students next year. People were already in financial trouble due to Covid-19 and the lockdown of previous years and high inflation came as an added insult to injury. In such a scenario, the government should have increased the strength of public schools to provide better quality education to students from poor families. They should be thinking about opening new schools and improving existing ones, but our government, negligently, is doing the exact opposite,” she said.

“Inadequate infrastructure, shortage of teachers and staff, employee protests and the department’s complete disinterest in improving education standards are keeping students away from public schools. Most of these students come from poor families and some from the middle class. Many take out loans to admit their wards to private schools. Those who cannot afford private schools are denied a good quality education. The government is shaking the very foundations of the country with this utter disregard,” Gubbivani said, according to party Aam Aadmi, Mysuru, media coordinator GR Vidyaranya.

– Mysoorunews Team

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