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The Glynn County School Board will vote on Tuesday and potentially approve the construction company that will oversee construction of the new Altama Primary School.

The working session followed a first shovelful of soil on the site of the new primary school in Altama, which will be located at 6045, avenue Altama.

“We are delighted to have a new environment for our students,” said Michelle Drew, the principal of the school, after the inauguration. “Our building was constructed and completed on February 1, 1965… We want to keep up with technology and make sure our students are prepared for the future.”

The new school will be located in the same community as the current school, which School Board President Jerry Mancil says is a priority for both the school system and the school staff and families.

“This is what the community wants, so we are thrilled,” he said.

The current plan is to open the new school at the start of the 2021 school year.

McDonald Construction Company was among five companies that submitted bids. McDonald Construction’s bid is $ 21,799,000.

School board member Eaddy Sams asked during the business session if McDonald Construction completed the work on time during the Burroughs-Molette Elementary project.

“Not exactly,” said John Tuten, architect for Glynn County Schools. “The idea was that the move-in would start in November and the move-in would be completed in January.”

The move into the new Burroughs-Molette began in February. Al Boudreau, executive director of operations for Glynn County schools, said the main delay was hooking up water and sewer lines.

Another challenge, Boudreau said, was installing a geothermal system on the narrow lot on which the new Burroughs-Molette school is built. These challenges are not expected to arise on the Altama property, Tuten said.

“Also, we got really good quality work on Burroughs-Molette,” Boudreau said. “It’s a very nice school. They did a good job with it. “

The school board will vote at its regular meeting on Tuesday on whether to approve McDonald Construction’s recommendation.

The school board will also vote on a change order to add $ 150,000 to the budget for construction work on the new property at Altama Elementary School.

The initial estimate of the cost of the work was insufficient, Tuten said, due to the nature of the work.

“When the site development contract was awarded, the clearing of the site was underway,” he said. “So the exact level of topography and the number of tree roots that had to be uprooted and that sort of thing is an educated guess.”

The school board meeting will be held Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the central school system office, 1313 Egmont Street.

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