Sikh boy denied admission to school due to ‘patka’ issues


Sikh boy denied admission to school due to ‘patka’ issues

Following hijab row, private school in Mangaluru comes under fire for refusing admission to Sikh boy

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The District Child Welfare Committee (CWC) will ask Childline to submit a report on a private school in Mangaluru which allegedly refused admission to a six-year-old boy from the Sikh community, who was wearing a turban “patka”.

CWC President Rennie D’Souza said DH that students from the Sikh community were allowed to wear the “patka” and the “kara” (ring or steel bracelet).

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“It is the knee-jerk reaction of the school management to the Karnataka High Court’s interim order on the wearing of hijab (scarf) inside classrooms,” he said and decided to order Childline to submit a report on the refusal of admission of a Sikh student.

Rashtriya Sikh Sangat who attempted to intervene was informed that the school management would make a final decision (on the student’s admission) on February 28.

DDPI Malleswamy said DH who had received no complaint against the private school for denial of admission on the matter.

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