Speak with confidence: Toranomon Language School helps students learn naturally

Despite our best efforts, language learning can be challenging, especially if you’re studying on your own, using a textbook or a series of apps. You may be able to pick up some vocabulary or reading skills, but when it comes to speaking confidently or giving a presentation at work, you may find yourself overwhelmed.

With this in mind, the innovative team behind Toranomon Language School (TLS) has developed a methodology that helps Japanese and English students overcome obstacles, connect with other language learners, and use their new skills naturally. TLS students include members of leading companies and embassies who are drawn to its innovative methods, based on the experience of the school‘s founder and CEO, Ryoko Marumo.

Ryoko Marumo, CEO of Toranomon Language School

As she explains, she first learned a foreign language while living in Los Angeles. She had home tutoring from her mother, an English literature teacher who taught her English using fun games and interesting books, supplemented by grammar lessons. This helped her quickly transition from ESL lessons to regular English classes at a local private school. Finally, she mingled with other children, playing and learning about American culture while developing her language skills.

This fast and deep learning experience based on professional support and cultural immersion has inspired her throughout her career. And finally, she is committed to helping people learn languages, not just for the languages ​​themselves, but for everything that comes with them. “I believe that through language you can develop many channels in your life, such as your career, friendships, hobbies, and other opportunities,” says Marumo.


TLS aims to get its students to learn quickly and deeply through rich, content-based lessons and actively use the language. So, although it offers intensive courses in Japanese Proficiency Test, Business Japanese, International English Language Testing System and English as a Foreign Language Test, which are effective and efficient, the school is well known for its motivational communication courses, events and workshops. .

Lessons are designed around the concept of scaffolding, which breaks down what needs to be learned into digestible chunks that the student can then build on as they progress. This scaffolding method is then closely tied to TLS activities and events that allow students to practice what they have learned.

These activities include the Walk and Learn Tokyo workshop, which gives students the opportunity to learn key phrases and then use them to ask for directions or go shopping. Another popular offering is the Business SkillUp workshop, which teaches participants how to use honorific language correctly, start business conversations, and understand the culture behind Japanese business practices.

So whether you’re looking to boost your business in Japanese or just master the basics, TLS’s engaging approach can set you up for impressive results.


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