Specific assessment of admission to schools offers students the possibility of being admitted to full boarding schools – Ministry of Education


KUALA LUMPUR (October 13): The implementation of the Specific School Admission Assessment (PKSK) opened the possibility for all eligible students from all types of schools in Malaysia to be admitted to boarding schools (SBP), said Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr. Mah Hang Soon.

He said that the Ministry of Education (MoE) always strives to ensure the successful implementation of the education policy and the five aspirations of the education system, namely access, quality, equity, unity and efficiency.

“The Ministry of Education has also formulated a more comprehensive recruitment policy which will ensure that no group is sidelined,” he said, responding to a question from Senator Datuk T Mohan during the meeting. Dewan Negara Q&A here on Wednesday.

Mohan wanted to know the rationale that only students from National Schools (SK) are allowed to apply for Form One in SBP, while excellent students from schools other than SK are not allowed.

Mah explained that PKSK is a centralized assessment method that is implemented on the basis of three components, namely soft skills, intellectual intelligence, and writing articulation.

He said that all Malaysian students registered with the Ministry of Education’s Student Database Application System of National Type Schools (SJK), Government-Funded Religious Schools (SABK) or Schools can apply for admission to the SBP for the 2021 school term.

“Applicants must also meet the minimum admission requirements set and actively participate in extracurricular activities,” he added.

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