Steps are underway to integrate Ukrainian refugee children into the school system

ATS, March 16, 2022 – A total of 87 Ukrainian schoolchildren have taken refuge in a center for foreigners in Logatec. The state is now looking for solutions to integrate them into the education system as quickly as possible, said Education Minister Simona Kustec during her visit to the center on Wednesday.

Kustec organized a meeting with the directors of three primary schools in the region and the director of the local kindergarten on how to integrate refugee children.

“Our fundamental duty is to look after their well-being, which also means ensuring the educational process,” the minister told reporters after the meeting, noting that schools had already received the first guidelines on the how to start the integration.

She said it would be a difficult task, especially at Logatec, while adding that “we need to approach the children and their mothers appropriately and gradually start bringing them into the system.”

Principals of local primary schools noted that experts would have a say in how children would be integrated, adding that it was important for mothers or legal guardians of Ukrainian children to apply for formal refugee status.

It is a sine qua non for them to be part of the formal education system. “Until the legal status is regulated, the focus will be on the emotional integration of children,” said Jure Kramar from Tabor Primary School.

“They will first have the opportunity to attend extracurricular activities… maybe a camp will be organized to try to make them forget the war,” said Kramar, who thinks Ukrainian children are not still emotionally ready to enter. the Slovenian school system.

Karmen Cunder, principal of another Logatec primary school, added that the children only wanted to go home as soon as possible, so it was important to keep them in touch with their school system.

She thinks they need to be educated in their mother tongue and to socialize with their peers outside the accommodation centre. Distance education from Ukraine should therefore be organized in the premises of primary schools.

There are another 50 Ukrainian schoolchildren elsewhere in Slovenia who are integrated into the school system, Minister Kustec said, adding that the ministry was in contact with individual schools and the procedure was going smoothly.

Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC), the bad public bank, has meanwhile offered three buildings in its possession for the accommodation of refugees from Ukraine, with the government assessing two of them as suitable.

These are office buildings in Velenje and Celje, BAMC said, adding that the facilities would be equipped by the Office for Migrant Support and Integration, with all costs to be covered by the state.

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