Students in English language schools will receive € 10 per night if they stay at least 15 nights


Students who come to Malta to study the English language at language schools should receive € 10 per night spent in the country, Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo said.

It comes after the minister announced the country would be open to tourism in June. In addition, new programs have been introduced to encourage tourism in Malta as well as to support businesses in the tourism sector, including through the removal of Malta Tourism Agency (MTA) license fees for 2021.

This will lead to a total of 1 million euros spent, with the government expecting to generate 7 million euros in return. Eligible students are those who spend at least 15 nights in Malta to learn English in language schools. This is capped at € 300 per student, so any student who spends more than 30 days studying in Malta will still receive € 300. The vouchers will be issued upon the arrival of students in Malta by the language schools.

These vouchers can be spent at any business that uses the government voucher system. Applications will be open from next Monday and interested schools should apply to the MTA. The program will be open from 1st June.

The application process will require English language schools to submit a number of documents to the MTA so that there are checks and balances in place to ensure its success, the minister said.

A copy of the airline’s reservation, arrival and departure dates, course details and duration and individual contact details of the student who will benefit from this scheme will be requested among other things. Once the checks have been made, the voucher will be sent directly to the schools for transmission to the student.

The Minister also announced that in the coming days, a webinar will be organized by the MTA to further explain this pattern.

The English-language school industry has taken a heavy hit with the pandemic leaving them to their knees due to the lack of students arriving from overseas. This is what the new program seeks to solve, said the Minister of Tourism.

“Tourism is the lifeblood of the Maltese economy … we have been trying to see how we are going to recover in this sector from the very beginning, and with the incentives that we introduce every week, we are trying to leave no one behind, “Bartolo said.

The Tourism Minister also noted that Malta should expect to know whether it will be included in the UK green list tonight.

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