TC not compulsory for admission to classes adapted to the pupil’s age: HC | Transfer certificate for admission


Kochi: The High Court has said that the transfer certificate (TC) is not compulsory for the admission of students into age-appropriate classes to pursue elementary studies. The directive was issued by Judge Raja Vijayaraghavan. The petition in this regard was filed by 17 students after they were denied admission to Palakkad Puthukode SJ High School.

According to Article 4 of the Right to Education Act 2009, TC is not compulsory for the admission of pupils to age-appropriate classes. The law also provides that these students must receive special training in order to be on an equal footing with other students. The state government has legislated a special rule that they should receive three months of training, the court said.

Although the Kerala Education Act states that admission should not be given to any class other than the first standard without TC, the constitution proposes that free and compulsory elementary education be provided to children aged 6-14. years. Thus, the petitioners should be admitted without a TC, the court ordered.

Students in class 5 of Kottasry ALP school indicated in their petition that their school had been closed due to the Covid epidemic. Then they finished 5th and 6th standards at home. When they approached Puthukode SJHS for admission to Class 7, they were asked to produce TC. As there were classes up to the 5th grade at Kottasry ALP school, the principal refused to issue a TC showing that they had completed grade 6. With this, the students approached the court.

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