This Japanese Under Amour x Kokuho school bag costs around RM3,429 and guarantees 6 years of durability!


Japanese brand Kokuho and Under Amour have collaborated and will launch the “Under Amour School Bags” for primary school students.

Traditional Japanese school bags have around 100 years of history. Besides its high functionality, according to HAKO, the traditional Japanese school bag Randoseru also hopes to develop children’s abilities to take care of their possessions, as well as to reduce the gap between rich and poor, because backpacks are common and inconspicuous.

The Under Armor school bag due out in March 2021 would carry the spirit of Under Armor and support students who will become high performance athletes in the future.

Equipped with a number of features that support student life in school, the satchel is sturdy enough to withstand six years of use. In addition, it is sized to hold an A4 flat file and is also easy to carry for elementary school students.

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The price of the customized model and the basic model of school bags are 88,000 yen (approx.3,429 RM) and 77,000 yen (approx.3,000 RM) respectively. According to Kokuho’s official website, they plan to develop four basic models and three custom models for school bags and will sell them at all relevant stores in Japan.

Would you buy them if these satchels were available in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments!

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