Tokyo school board to remove gender section from high school admissions application forms

The seat of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Mainichi/Makoto Ogawa)

TOKYO – The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education will remove the gender section from application forms for public high schools starting with entrance exams to be held in spring 2023, in a bid to ease the psychological burden of transgender candidates and other sexual minority adolescents.

Gender section of high school application forms remained until 2022 entrance exams due to separate acceptance quotas for male and female students set, according to Tokyo Board of Education in every metropolitan public school. The board will determine the gender of candidates based on their academic records submitted by their respective colleges for the 2023 school year exams, but it plans to abolish gender-specific entrance exam acceptance quotas for the school year. 2024.

Of Japan’s 47 prefectures, the Tokyo Board of Education is the latest to remove the gender section from public high school admission application forms.

Meanwhile, the metropolitan education board has also decided to allow high school entrance examination candidates of Japanese nationality to bring a dictionary for the academic ability assessment tests from the academic entrance examinations. of 2023 if the student needs Japanese assistance. The existing rule only allowed applicants of foreign nationality to bring a dictionary to entrance examinations. The new rule will apply in principle to Japanese and foreign applicants who have lived in Japan for three years or less.

(Japanese original by Asako Takeuchi, Tokyo City News Department)

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