Troup County School System Concludes Summer ESOL Academy

TROUP COUNTY, Georgia (WRBL) – The Troup County school system concluded its annual English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(ESOL) summer academy. The academy consists of three intensive weeks focusing on reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.

Dr Jacqueline Jones, director of student services at TCSS, said the academy meets with each student at their level and assesses how to support them through remediation.

“In Troup County we have families who speak 22 different languages ​​starting with Spanish, we have the most children who speak Spanish. We have many children who speak Korean, it’s our second language and then we are everywhere. You know, Gujarati, Punjabi, we are everywhere. Our families come from many different countries. We have an English immersion program, and we also have different software that can meet the needs of our non-English speakers,” said Dr Jones.

She said the academy is offered to all ESOL students during the school year; however, it is open to all K-5 students who wish to attend. There are an average of 70 students attending each year.

Students follow a schedule that resembles a half school day during the school year. Transportation, breakfast, and lunch are provided, and students are taught for approximately three hours per day.

According to Dr. Jones, the greatest impact of the academy on students is to increase their comfort level in speaking. Students often become more confident throughout the summer and will speak more English by the end of the three weeks.

Olivia Abarra, is a kindergartener at TCSS and she is a native Spanish speaker. She appreciates the software learning program available to students. She said her teacher helped her and she enjoyed playing games while learning the alphabet.

“She helps me do all my homework and my ABC work, and then she helps me with kindergarten and she helps me be a first grader,” Abarra said.

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