Virginia Assistant Attorney General Monique Miles resigns amid Pro-Jan review. 6 Facebook posts

An assistant attorney general for the state of Virginia resigned on Thursday following questions raised by The Washington Post about her social media presence, including statements she made on Facebook that Donald Trump had won the 2020 presidential election. Monique Miles, who oversaw election matters for the Virginia Attorney General’s Office, also congratulated the “patriots” who attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021, according to screenshots captured by the To post. “Newsflash: Patriots stormed the Capitol. No surprises. The deep state has awakened the sleeping giant,” Miles reportedly wrote in one post. She then edited the post to blame the insurgency on “antifa dressed as patriots”. In other posts around this time, she openly asserted that Trump had won the election. “These left-leaning violent crazies better realize DJT is getting a second term,” she wrote. Miles also embraced baseless conspiracy theories related to foreign election inference and voter fraud. The veracity of his statements was confirmed at the To post by four people who interacted with her on Facebook. In an email to the newspaper following his resignation, Miles called the To post‘s are working a “character assassination to stir up controversy”, adding that “some liberals have their daggers for black conservative women”.

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