Wake County Public School System School Board to Consider Bonuses for All Employees Amid Dispute with Bus Drivers

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – The Wake County School Board on Tuesday approved a motion for a one-time bonus of $ 1,250 for all permanent employees. This was one of three potential changes to be discussed at his meeting.

The board also approved a 1% salary increase for permanent employees.

Earlier, the North Carolina Association of Educators held a rally in front of the school board meeting on Tuesday, demanding better wages and working conditions for school staff.

It comes as some bus drivers have spent the last two days of school calling sick people for work to protest their compensation.
The educators were in solidarity with the drivers. The board said this was just the start, but the NCAE said they’ve heard this before and “it’s hard to say if it’s a win when we don’t know what it looks like.”

The drivers say they have been forced to take additional bus lines every day without being paid more money.

Paula Wright is a Special Education Teaching Assistant at Heritage Middle School. She said she came to speak at the school board meeting to talk about compensation

“Compensation is the single most important way to reward employees for the work they do,” Wright said. “Your proposed hourly rate for uncertified personnel is unacceptable. We have worked tirelessly for years some of us, we have worked through COVID.”

Wright has worked in the district for eight years and still earns less than $ 14 an hour.

“Where do I go from here? Am I finally going to work at Wal Mart and make $ 16 to $ 17 an hour?” she said.

She said she believed bonuses and raising the minimum wage were still not enough.

“I don’t want to leave the school system, I’ve invested the time, I love the students I work with but that’s enough,” Wright added.

Stacy Eleczko of Garner Magnet Middle School said she has been an educator for 20 years. She is also a parent

“I am here because there has never been a more difficult time to take action for public education,” said Eleczko. “Every day, my colleagues and I walk through the building exhausted and often defeated before arriving on campus. Every day I’m thinner than the day before, and I barely have time to do my work between covering the reception. “

About 33 percent of Wake County bus drivers did not show up for work on Friday and 25 percent did not show up for work on Monday.
This meant that hundreds of bus lines had not worked, leaving students stranded at bus stops and forcing parents to find another way to get their children to school.

School leaders said they expected Monday to be the last day for the sick protest. Bus drivers said they were looking to see what decision the school board would make on Tuesday.

However, the district said parents should check the district bus updates website for Tuesday.

The council also voted on the face coverings. He voted to continue to mask himself, except outside for group and other sports.

Athletes who participate in indoor sports should always wear masks.

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