You’ll never guess which state has the best public school system

Once again, the good people of WalletHub carried out a very interesting study that I had to pass on to you. This study looks at which states have the best and worst public school systems.

And I am happy and proud to inform my fellow citizens of Berkshire County that Massachusetts has come out on top as the best public school system in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

In order to make its decision, WalletHub compared all states and the District of Columbia across more than 30 different key metrics, including dropout rate, test scores (in reading and math), standardized test scores , bullying incident rate, student-teacher ratio, and more.

Looking at the data results, you can see why Massachusetts ranked #1 overall. Massachusetts had the highest reading test scores and math, in addition to being tied for No. 1 with Connecticut and the District of Columbia for the highest ACT scores.

Also interesting, Massachusetts had the the lowest percentage of high school students who reported being bullied on school grounds. In terms of The highest percentage of bullying incidents reported by high school students, there was a three-way tie between California, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Have any other New England states made it into the top 20 of the rankings? Of course, they all did! Connecticut came in at 2nd place overall, New Hampshire at 7th place, and Vermont narrowly missed out on the top 10, finishing in 11th place.

Maine came close on the heels of 12th-place Vermont and eventually, 16th-place Rhode Island. It’s a great performance for New England, let me tell you. We should give it up for all teachers, administrators, staff and anyone involved in the public school systems here in the Bay State. You deserve the props and the love and a lot really goes unrecognized.

There are many other interesting facets to this study such as what state has the worse public school systems and how each state ranked overall and why. Check the WalletHub website here and read on.

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